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R I S E   U P

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I ' M   R E A D Y   T O  R I S E   N O W!

J O I N   U S   I N   P E R S O N

Located in Downtown Cape Coral, we offer non-stop sessions between

5 AM through 10 AM

and again between

3:30 PM through 7 PM*.

Come in by yourself or with a group at any time during session hours for a 45 minute workout, designed and guided by a personable, professional coach and already laid out for you!

Just show up and do the work!

Daily workouts alternate between HIIT and Power Hour days, to help build a healthy body through both cardio and strength training.

*Last walk in accepted at 6:30



High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, involves cycles of specific exercises completed safely with as many repetitions and your maximum capability for a short duration repeated for a set number of intervals with a rest in between.

This kind of training is designed to help lose unwanted body fat while building muscle, power, and increasing cardiovascular function.

Power Hour

Power Hour is designed to help build lean muscle fast.  These focused lifting sessions are designed to help you lift safely and to optimize each workout so that you can get Maximum results. 


Our small group setting provide all the benefits of personal training without the steep costs.

J O I N   U S   O N L I N E

For members who would like to join us from outside of Southwest Florida or from the comfort of their own home, we invite you to join us for interactive online workouts, live daily as well as a library of prerecorded workouts. Experience community through interaction during live workouts with your heart rate live-streamed onto the studio screens.

Upon initiation, we'll send you a package of everything you'll need to do our virtual workouts from anywhere!

Equipment includes an interactive heart rate monitor, sliders, resistance bands, and over-the-door suspension straps.


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