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Thanksgiving Dinner


Proceeds to benefit Cape Coral widow

Margarita is a Cape Coral resident, mother and widow who lost her husband in late September after fighting for his life in the hospital for two months. He was a local entrepreneur and Margarita worked in the business. She is struggling to recover after the family's unexpected tragedy.

Phoenix is donating $50 of every challenge sign up to help this local family get back on their feet and find some relief this holiday season!

We know that the holidays are often hard on a healthy lifestyle!

We want to help you stay on track!

Join us from November 1 - November 21 for only $3 per day!

Get unlimited access to all of the Phoenix Body Solutions for 21 days, including:

  • Personal initial consultation to discuss and set your individualized goals for the 21 days (weight loss, maintain, gain strength/muscle, etc.)

  • Suggested clean eating list and general healthy eating guidance

  • Weekly coach accountability check in towards set goals

  • Unlimited access to small group personal training

  • Online access to a group of individuals for daily motivation and accountability

  • Flexible session walk-in ability for workouts on YOUR schedule

  • The ease of daily full body workouts all set up and ready to go

  • Workouts intentionally designed to strengthen, tighten and tone your body helping you walk out feeling stronger and more confident after every session

  • Individualized training to help you maximize each workout, reach your goals, as well as work on or around any physical injuries or limitations

  • Real time and real world data + feedback from every workout, as well as tracking your growth over the course of the challenge

all for only $63!

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