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We want you to KNOW that you and the Phoenix Phamily are a great fit for each other!

That's why we won't even ask for any credit card information before you start your trial.

We don't believe in hard pressure sales, but we do believe we can help you reach your health and fitness goals if you're ready and willing to create and stick to a plan! ...Even if that goal is just to find a new fit family in a fun and friendly environment that works for your needs and schedule!

The Phoenix Body Solutions Include:

  • Unlimited access to small group personal training

  • Flexible session walk-in ability for workouts on YOUR schedule

  • The ease of daily full body workouts all set up and ready to go

  • Workouts intentionally designed to strengthen, tighten and tone your body helping you walk out feeling stronger and more confident after every session

  • Monthly Coach accountability check ins to help keep you on track to exceed your goals

  • Growth in all areas of life stemming from a foundation of health + wellbeing, and surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded people

  • Positive coaches who create, set up, guide, challenge and encourage you through every work out

  • Intimate class sizes allowing for personal attention & more in-depth personal training

  • Meaningful relationships with trainers and other members alike, who form a welcoming Phamily of encouraging, supportive people you'll want to be around every day

  • Individualized training to help you maximize each workout, reach your goals, as well as work on or around any physical injuries or limitations

  • General guidance to help with healthy habits to help you reach your goals balanced with a style that fits your life

  • Real time and real world data + feedback from every workout, as well as tracking your growth over time

  • A network of specialists and experts in their fields for those with specific nutrition, recovery, performance, and mindset goals

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