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Phoenix Body Solutions is the next level health studio!
Offering small group, strength based personal training sessions on your schedule. These are not HIIT or high intensity

cardio based workouts, our goal is to build confidence and achieve your health & fitness goals by building a toned, strong, sexy physique.
Walk in any time during our general session hours and get a great full body workout!

Session hours:  7:30A - 10A | 3:30P - 7P

What to Expect At Your First Session

We know, walking in to a new place- especially a new gym can seem scary and intimidating!

Phoenix Body Solutions welcomes you on your first visit! Our goal is to make you feel at home as quickly as possible!

If you have already registered with us over the phone or online we'll jump right in. We'll review your goals and history, show you around our facility: where you'll warm up, stretch, and cool down in a separate area before and after your workouts, our therapy room, and show you the fitness studio where all the magic happens! Everyone in the building will be delighted to welcome you to the Phoenix Phamily!


Warm Up

We believe in wellness, and injury prevention is a critical aspect to being able to maintain and sustain your healthy lifestyle.


We offer a comfortable area with various tools available for you to stretch and warm up prior to beginning every workout. If you need assistance or guidance in creating a stretching or warm up routine for your body we are happy to assist! Our lobby features benches and cubbies for you to change your shoes and safely keep your personal items.


Prepare For Your Workout

Each day, the workout is posted on 2 television screens with a running video demonstration of each exercise, as well as written at each station. The days time format is also written on a board immediately when you enter the studio. On your first visit we'll explain and walk you through our constant running clock process -which is what allows you the freedom and flexibility of workouts on your schedule!- our MyZone heart rate monitoring system which offers both you and us real-time feedback as you're working, and how our circuits flow.


We offer clean towels to lay or sit on, as well as disinfectant spray bottles and cleaning towels at the entrance to the studio if you wish to use. You'll notice coaches wiping equipment between use as well.


If you're newer to fitness, if its been a while, or you just have a question we are also happy to personally demonstrate any exercise for you at any time.

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Get To Work

When you're ready, you'll select an empty station at the next rotation, get in place and prepare for the timer to signal the start of the next set where you'll perform the exercise indicated for that station.

During your workout at least one coach will be on the floor to answer questions, show you adjustments as necessary to make any exercise easier or more challenging as needed, explain and teach  correct form and use of the targeted muscles. We will also help track your circuit laps and weights, if desired.

During your first several sessions we will closely monitor new members to make sure they're comfortable with the movements, equipment and most importantly working safely. As we get to know each other we will continue to monitor, provide feedback and encouragement, and begin to offer challenges we believe you're capable of!


Ending Your Workout

Once you've completed the days suggested circuit laps (we suggest the number it will take to benefit you with a 45 minute workout on the days time format) or the number agreed upon for your schedule, you'll return any used towels and spray bottle to the hamper and exit the studio where we encourage you to cool down and stretch again in keeping in alignment with our overall wellness philosophy.

After your first several sessions a coach will check in with you post workout, offer and listen to feedback about how the workout went. If you experienced any pain or excessive tightness during any movement we will make recommendations on stretches, referrals to one of our recovery specialist partners, offer guidance on modifications for future workouts and supplements as needed.

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